Consumption and Production

Prior to taking this course I would have said that I produce and consume many things online today I feel differently, I have barely scratched the surface.

I consume online content by viewing videos on YouTube, LiveLeak and the popular HipHop website WorldstarHipHop. The three sites serve different purposes. I view videos on YouTube which focus on learning new skills, LiveLeaks provide provocative videos that are normally not available on YouTube and lastly WorldstarHipHop provides videos new and existing Hip Hop artists and topics that are not as mainstream as their counterparts. I admit at times I have offended by some content on WorldstarHipHip.  I am affected by the negatives representations of minorities however the site serves as a “What not to do” reminder for me. I enjoy consuming media and take responsibility for the images and videos that I view.  When Miller stated that “corporations use values, skills, experiences from the arts to unlock creativity” I do the same. Miller’s statement can be viewed that corporations exploit the arts for consumerism although I am benefiting from the videos, the skills that I have acquired are for my own personal use.  There have been many times were I have viewed videos for personal development; whether for perfecting Beef Wellington or changing the light in my car, I am using the videos to help me accomplish a task. The knowledge gained from the videos saves me time and money. Rather than going out to dinner I will cook myself and rather than visit the mechanic I will complete my car repairs on my own thus the opposite of consumerism.  Although I am an avid watcher of videos, I have never created one.

My lack of interest in posting videos online is not a selfish one. I know others would values my ideas however there are millions of others that have ideas as well. My main reason is that I doubt others with find my ideas are differentiated from others enough to consume them. Another reason for my lack of interest in posting videos online would be my fear of negative comments. Rizzo’s statement “The YouTube clips blur the distinction between the private and the public sphere” resonates with me.  Previously in the article she mentions that sometimes people view videos to gawk at and for shock value. For example there are videos on YouTube that are viewers reactions to other usually negative or embarrassing videos. I fear that something that I post in good faith will be mocked or laughed at.  I am haunted by the remixed video clip in Everything is a Remix part 1 where the Star Wars Kid is fighting with his light saber. I am most certain the large numbers of views of the original video are not due to his skill but for how comical he looks in the video. Did he realize that people would be laughing at him rather than with him? I could be making assumptions but based on some of the mean-spirited comments that were posted he was being mocked.  Some people are ok with inviting the public into their private lives; I am not that comfortable being judged by others. Maybe my views will change, if I have something of value to say.


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