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The Occupy Movement is a social movement that was created to bring to light issues regarding social and economic inequality in the world. The goal of the movement is for wealth and power to be distributed more equitably throughout the world. According to the movement, 1% of the world’s population holds the wealth and political power over the remaining 99%.

I find this movement interesting not only because of the information that I discovered but also how I discovered it. It was one of the first movements that I discovered using social media. I received a link about the movement via Facebook and searched various sites to gather more information about it.

The information regarding the Occupy Movement that was available through social media and traditional media outlets differed drastically. The information obtained through social media viewed the movement in a positive light whereas traditional media viewed it as a radical movement which was a nuisance to their respective cities.

It was only until I researched the information using both media avenues was I able to make a well informed decision about the movement. Being able to consume content both traditionally and through contemporary medium makes media consumption less bias.

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One thought on “The Occupy Movement – Blog Transformation

  1. Tania says:

    I agree. The occupy movement was viewed differently depending on the media source. The good thing about social media is that it provides us with a macro view on current events however it needs to be substantiated and as consumers we need to substantiate our information.

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